Champagne Dreams – Gift Basket

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Champagne Gift Baskets

I have to admit, I love champagne, or sparkling wine as we’re supposed to call it here. Champagne always suggests that whatever is going on is particularly special. Whether it’s mimosa with a family holiday breakfast, or a cork popping as you toast your new house or that favored event, a wedding, if champagne is in the room then fun is in the air.

I love Mimosa, and all the special memories attached. So it’s natural that one of my favorite gift baskets is Bubbly Breakfast. Of course it may also just be a perfect reason to drink in the morning! This is a wonderful combination for a gift to newlyweds, the celebration of a new home or maybe a special anniversary. It has everything you need for a pancake and Mimosa breakfast, from sparkling wine to syrup. It comes in a mix ‘n pour bowl that your recipient can use year after year, and every time they pull it out they will remember that you sent them this special gift.

Mumms Champagne

Magical Mumms Celebration Gift Basket

Bubbly Breakfast Gift Basket

Bubbly Breakfast Gift Basket













The Magical Mumm champagne gift basket is a perfect combination of sweet and savory snacks chosen to compliment this fine bottle of Mumm Champagne. An exceptional way to thank a client for their business, an associate for their service or your wife for putting up with you! Never underestimate the charms of a good bottle of sparkling wine.

Of course you don’t have to wait for a special occasion…you can turn any day into an occasion just by popping a cork!

2 sisters gift baskets

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Halloween, High Reward Holiday

Sep 23, 2014 by

Halloween is the second largest holiday in retail sales figures in the US.  The majority of those dollars go into crazy costumes and over the top decor. People spend months planning a Halloween display. They hang lights, build haunted houses, throw large parties and wear fantastic costumes. They use little Halloween paper bags, tied with curled ribbon to pass out candy

You should know, I am not one of those people. I enjoy the low expectation, high reward potential of the holiday. Think about it, no pre-dinner house cleaning, no giant shopping list, no 2 days of slicing and dicing and chopping. No worrying about travel arrangements, chairs, snow, or getting everything into the refrigerator.

Enjoying Halloween is as simple as:

1. Buy candy. Buy good candy in all flavors and sizes. Buy early and buy things you like, in case there’s any left over. (Sorry I have to stop laughing before I go on)

2. Buy a pumpkin or two, or three. Carve them the day before Halloween so they stay nice and crisp. Look on Pinterest for some really cool ways to create the faces.

3. Get a costume. Whether you go to the costume store for a professional costume, or you go the home made route remember it’s all about having fun. Encourage your kids to be creative with their costumes and you do the same. Face painting is almost always more fun than a mask.

4. If you’re lucky enough to have small children, take them trick or treating. If not, put on your costume, light your jack-o-lantern,and pass out candy. Large handfuls of candy, without stopping to count the pieces!

Tomorrow there will be plenty of time to stress over the coming holidays that demand lists and attention to detail, but tonight it’s the magic of Halloween. Be a kid again!

2 sisters gift baskets

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Building an Inspired Gift

Sep 15, 2014 by

Use Your Imagination for a Truly Inspired Gift

At 2 Sisters Gift Baskets we love the gift basket business and we have a passion for inspired gifts. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a gift card. They’re great when you’re out of time, sending a gift to someone at a distance or you just don’t know what to give, but with a little more thought you can turn a gift card into an inspired gift. It requires minimal thought and effort on your part.

Choose the theme of your gift. It could be an occasion, a special interest someone has, or even a stage in their lives. Start with an appropriate “basket” container, almost anything will work, but it’s especially nice to use something that has a practical purpose. Assemble items that go with your theme, being sure everything will fit inside. Sometimes it’s best to choose the container after you have assembled the contents to assure a good fit. Add your gift card, finish with a bow, curling ribbon, or rafia, whatever you like. Voila you’ve  made a one of a kind gift that will make someone’s day.

Here are a few examples of how to do this.

1. Yoga Buff

  •    Canvas Tote Bag
  •    Yoga Mat
  •    Yoga Blocks
  •    Water Bottle
  •    Yoga Meditation CD
  •    Headband
  •    Mat Cleaner
  •    Gift Card to a Local Yoga Studio

2. Mom’s Day Off

  •    Pretty Straw Tote Bag
  •    Eye Mask ( the kind you cool in the refrigerator)
  •    Pretty Rubber Thongs
  •    Head Band (keeps the hair back during a facial)
  •    Single Use Facial Pack
  •    Small Size Facial Moisturizer and Eye Cream
  •    Tube of Luxury Hand Cream
  •    Meditation Relaxation CD
  •    Gift Card for Facial or Massage

3. New College Student

  •    Laundry Basket
  •    Laundry Soap
  •    Dryer Sheets
  •    Iron
  •    Set of Sheets
  •    Set of Towels
  •    Light Bulbs (spring for the LED, they last forever)
  •    Gift Card for Target

I warn you, once you start down this road you may become as addicted to this type of gift giving as we are. You’ll never walk through a store and see things the same way again.

2 sisters gift baskets






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Gift Giving Plan Ahead

Sep 13, 2014 by

Plan Ahead to Make your Gift Giving Smooth as Silk – 2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Keeping ahead of your gift giving obligations can be challenging, especially if you’re responsible for gifting on the home front and in the workplace.  If you have children at home and a list of relatives at a distance that goes on for days you may feel like throwing your hands up in despair of ever getting anything done on time. We need to plan ahead.

With a little bit of time spent planning ahead you can streamline the whole process and keep your sanity intact. As an additional bonus people will be wickedly impressed with your skills.

Even if you’re not the most organized person in the world you CAN organize yourself once a year. This is a time to go old school! Go to the office supply store and get yourself a notebook with 12 sections divided by pockets. Each section is a month. For each month write the occasion and name of the event you want to remember. Include the date, email address, shipping info and any other important info. The pockets are to hold receipts and greeting cards you want to send. They sell books like this in greeting card stores but I like notebooks as they are expandable.

1.  Keep this book handy and buy greeting cards for people when you’re out doing other errands. How many times have you bought the perfect card and then misplaced it in the black hole that is your desk? If you find something you like better along the way, so be it, but at least you won’t be at the all night drug store the night before your mother’s birthday looking for a card that expresses how you feel.

2.  Use the book to note the gift you bought for someone, how much you spent and when you shipped it. Keep receipts and tracking info there in case something goes astray. You can also use it to note things people have mentioned they like or want for those times when you have no idea what to give.

3.  If it’s hard for you to get cards sent out on time consider subscribing to a service that sends cards for you. This is great for people you’re not that close to but still want to remember. It’s great if you’re running a business and want to send cards to business associates. DO NOT use this to send cards to your mother.

4.  Wash, rinse repeat! Keep your gift system in one place and it will become your bible. Each year you can eliminate some things from the list and transfer the information you want to keep along with new dates to your new book.

You can of course manage all this in your computer, but I find using a book is easier and more fun!

Good luck and remember gifts are supposed to be fun, not a chore. Keep that in mind above all else and you can never go wrong.

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Baby Showers at a Distance- 2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Aug 4, 2014 by

baby shower gift baskets

2 sisters gift baskets

Baby Showers at a Distance

Baby showers are traditionally ladies only, lots of food, lots of gifts and really silly games. In the new millennium though we’re shaking things up a bit. We’ve seen couples showers, green showers, the gender reveal baby shower, and diaper derbies for dads. It’s hard to keep up with all the “trends.” I think that trends don’t matter as much as having your heart in the right place.

With friends and family spread all over the map it’s often difficult to get everyone in the same room for a baby shower. One idea is to have a “virtual” baby shower from a distance. If you’re the hostess you can have everyone bring the gifts to you and be responsible for shipping them all at once to the mommy to be. On the day of the shower set up a webcam and use Skype so everyone can watch as she opens the presents.
You could also arrange to have the gifts shipped in staggered intervals so she gets a gift a day and then have everyone over for the games and food, again using a webcam so everyone can join in. (Don’t forget to arrange cake and food for the future mommy!)
baby showers 2 Sister Gift BasketsIf it’s a second or third child usually the mom has things she’s saved from babies past so perhaps a diaper and formula shower is the way to go. Don’t forget the siblings who might be feeling a bit displaced by a new arrival. If they are old enough to be included give them special “jobs” the day of the shower. If they’re still young perhaps a special gift for them would be a nice gesture.
In any case, remember a baby shower is to help the new mom and dad get a leg up on outfitting their nursery. Be sure you tailor your party to what the expectant couple needs.

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