Baby Showers at a Distance- 2 Sisters Gift Baskets

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2 Sisters Gift Baskets
baby shower gift baskets

2 sisters gift baskets

Baby Showers at a Distance

Baby showers are traditionally ladies only, lots of food, lots of gifts and really silly games. In the new millennium though we’re shaking things up a bit. We’ve seen couples showers, green showers, the gender reveal baby shower, and diaper derbies for dads. It’s hard to keep up with all the “trends.” I think that trends don’t matter as much as having your heart in the right place.

With friends and family spread all over the map it’s often difficult to get everyone in the same room for a baby shower. One idea is to have a “virtual” baby shower from a distance. If you’re the hostess you can have everyone bring the gifts to you and be responsible for shipping them all at once to the mommy to be. On the day of the shower set up a webcam and use Skype so everyone can watch as she opens the presents.
You could also arrange to have the gifts shipped in staggered intervals so she gets a gift a day and then have everyone over for the games and food, again using a webcam so everyone can join in. (Don’t forget to arrange cake and food for the future mommy!)
baby showers 2 Sister Gift BasketsIf it’s a second or third child usually the mom has things she’s saved from babies past so perhaps a diaper and formula shower is the way to go. Don’t forget the siblings who might be feeling a bit displaced by a new arrival. If they are old enough to be included give them special “jobs” the day of the shower. If they’re still young perhaps a special gift for them would be a nice gesture.
In any case, remember a baby shower is to help the new mom and dad get a leg up on outfitting their nursery. Be sure you tailor your party to what the expectant couple needs.