Building an Inspired Gift

Sep 15, 2014 by

2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Use Your Imagination for a Truly Inspired Gift

At 2 Sisters Gift Baskets we love the gift basket business and we have a passion for inspired gifts. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a gift card. They’re great when you’re out of time, sending a gift to someone at a distance or you just don’t know what to give, but with a little more thought you can turn a gift card into an inspired gift. It requires minimal thought and effort on your part.

Choose the theme of your gift. It could be an occasion, a special interest someone has, or even a stage in their lives. Start with an appropriate “basket” container, almost anything will work, but it’s especially nice to use something that has a practical purpose. Assemble items that go with your theme, being sure everything will fit inside. Sometimes it’s best to choose the container after you have assembled the contents to assure a good fit. Add your gift card, finish with a bow, curling ribbon, or rafia, whatever you like. Voila you’ve  made a one of a kind gift that will make someone’s day.

Here are a few examples of how to do this.

1. Yoga Buff

  •    Canvas Tote Bag
  •    Yoga Mat
  •    Yoga Blocks
  •    Water Bottle
  •    Yoga Meditation CD
  •    Headband
  •    Mat Cleaner
  •    Gift Card to a Local Yoga Studio

2. Mom’s Day Off

  •    Pretty Straw Tote Bag
  •    Eye Mask ( the kind you cool in the refrigerator)
  •    Pretty Rubber Thongs
  •    Head Band (keeps the hair back during a facial)
  •    Single Use Facial Pack
  •    Small Size Facial Moisturizer and Eye Cream
  •    Tube of Luxury Hand Cream
  •    Meditation Relaxation CD
  •    Gift Card for Facial or Massage

3. New College Student

  •    Laundry Basket
  •    Laundry Soap
  •    Dryer Sheets
  •    Iron
  •    Set of Sheets
  •    Set of Towels
  •    Light Bulbs (spring for the LED, they last forever)
  •    Gift Card for Target

I warn you, once you start down this road you may become as addicted to this type of gift giving as we are. You’ll never walk through a store and see things the same way again.

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