Halloween, High Reward Holiday

Sep 23, 2014 by

2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Halloween is the second largest holiday in retail sales figures in the US.  The majority of those dollars go into crazy costumes and over the top decor. People spend months planning a Halloween display. They hang lights, build haunted houses, throw large parties and wear fantastic costumes. They use little Halloween paper bags, tied with curled ribbon to pass out candy

You should know, I am not one of those people. I enjoy the low expectation, high reward potential of the holiday. Think about it, no pre-dinner house cleaning, no giant shopping list, no 2 days of slicing and dicing and chopping. No worrying about travel arrangements, chairs, snow, or getting everything into the refrigerator.

Enjoying Halloween is as simple as:

1. Buy candy. Buy good candy in all flavors and sizes. Buy early and buy things you like, in case there’s any left over. (Sorry I have to stop laughing before I go on)

2. Buy a pumpkin or two, or three. Carve them the day before Halloween so they stay nice and crisp. Look on Pinterest for some really cool ways to create the faces.

3. Get a costume. Whether you go to the costume store for a professional costume, or you go the home made route remember it’s all about having fun. Encourage your kids to be creative with their costumes and you do the same. Face painting is almost always more fun than a mask.

4. If you’re lucky enough to have small children, take them trick or treating. If not, put on your costume, light your jack-o-lantern,and pass out candy. Large handfuls of candy, without stopping to count the pieces!

Tomorrow there will be plenty of time to stress over the coming holidays that demand lists and attention to detail, but tonight it’s the magic of Halloween. Be a kid again!


2 sisters gift baskets