Gift Basket Obsession – 2 Sisters Gift Baskets

May 7, 2014 by

2 Sisters Gift Baskets

I am obsessed with choosing gifts for people I love, and even people I only like. I credit my mother for this. Apparently I come from a long line of gift obsessed women. When my sisters and I were growing up we didn’t have a lot of money, but my mother always managed to give us gifts we really wanted, and there was usually a little something extra enclosed.

If you got a shirt you could be sure somewhere in the package there was a pair of earrings to match in the box. A new pair of pants? Look for a belt or socks or a hair clip in that package. One of my best gifts came when I was 16. She found a pretty, pink pre-decorated gift box and filled it with lots of 16 themed gifts individually wrapped. There was a charm for my bracelet, matching earrings, a camisole with Sweet Sixteen embroidered on the front, a beautiful handkerchief with the number 16 in each corner (I still have that 41 years later) and other things that I don’t recall. What I do remember, was how excited I was when I untied that beautiful bow and took the lid off the box. In later years I’ve come to realize she must have spent months putting that gift together and it still makes me smile.

As an adult I’ve spent hours scouring stores and catalogs in attempts to delight my own children and loved ones. One thing I’ve found is that a combination of thoughtfully chosen small gifts frequently brings more pleasure than one giant gift. So when it came time to reinvent myself recently, I asked myself what I really, really love. After all I spent the first part of my life helping other people realize their dreams, or at least their Board of Director’s dreams.

Now it’s my turn and I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am. After all, you never know what may be at the bottom of that gift basket!

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