Gift Giving Plan Ahead

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2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Plan Ahead to Make your Gift Giving Smooth as Silk – 2 Sisters Gift Baskets

Keeping ahead of your gift giving obligations can be challenging, especially if you’re responsible for gifting on the home front and in the workplace.  If you have children at home and a list of relatives at a distance that goes on for days you may feel like throwing your hands up in despair of ever getting anything done on time. We need to plan ahead.

With a little bit of time spent planning ahead you can streamline the whole process and keep your sanity intact. As an additional bonus people will be wickedly impressed with your skills.

Even if you’re not the most organized person in the world you CAN organize yourself once a year. This is a time to go old school! Go to the office supply store and get yourself a notebook with 12 sections divided by pockets. Each section is a month. For each month write the occasion and name of the event you want to remember. Include the date, email address, shipping info and any other important info. The pockets are to hold receipts and greeting cards you want to send. They sell books like this in greeting card stores but I like notebooks as they are expandable.

1.  Keep this book handy and buy greeting cards for people when you’re out doing other errands. How many times have you bought the perfect card and then misplaced it in the black hole that is your desk? If you find something you like better along the way, so be it, but at least you won’t be at the all night drug store the night before your mother’s birthday looking for a card that expresses how you feel.

2.  Use the book to note the gift you bought for someone, how much you spent and when you shipped it. Keep receipts and tracking info there in case something goes astray. You can also use it to note things people have mentioned they like or want for those times when you have no idea what to give.

3.  If it’s hard for you to get cards sent out on time consider subscribing to a service that sends cards for you. This is great for people you’re not that close to but still want to remember. It’s great if you’re running a business and want to send cards to business associates. DO NOT use this to send cards to your mother.

4.  Wash, rinse repeat! Keep your gift system in one place and it will become your bible. Each year you can eliminate some things from the list and transfer the information you want to keep along with new dates to your new book.

You can of course manage all this in your computer, but I find using a book is easier and more fun!

Good luck and remember gifts are supposed to be fun, not a chore. Keep that in mind above all else and you can never go wrong.

2 sisters gift baskets